OPIT Infrastructure Management (OIM)

In order to be able to use buildings and their infrastructures economically and ecologically efficiently, a large amount of data is collected.

This data is used for various topics. A common data source creates significant added value in terms of data quality and reliability.

The software solution from OPIT Solutions AG offers an all-encompassing solution for the efficient economic and ecological operation of simple and complex properties, areas and their infrastructures.


Energy - Environment - Efficiency

The professional energy management solution that shows you the savings potential in your properties, industrial plants or plants relentlessly.

With e3m you can collect energy data, optimize energy consumption and save energy costs.

With large amounts of data, finding malfunctions is time-consuming. With the automated finding of anomalies, you are informed of existing deviations.

In order to support you in the collection of external data, functions for importing external data as well as the mobile app with an extensive range of functions help you.


Hosting  -  Training  -  Consulting

In addition to the extensive application for energy, asset and contract management, OPIT Solutions AG also offers consulting, training and support in your projects and the topics mentioned.


Assets - Activities - Agreements

With a3m you can create orders for the operation of real estate, industrial companies and/or plants. You can define workflows as to how an order is released and processed.

Employees need easy-to-use systems with which they can record and document their performance and those of external companies.

With this cost transparency, the savings potential becomes tangible. Operating costs can thus be optimized and reduced in a targeted manner.


Contracts - Costs - Clearings

c3m makes it possible to settle the operating and energy costs incurred in complex properties or areas transparently and according to the originator to the tenants.

This requires flexible solutions.

With various methods, all costs can be distributed to rental properties. The tenant receives a comprehensible and completely transparent billing.

The costs for vacancies are also clearly displayed.