With a3m you can create orders for the operation of real estate, industrial companies and/or plants. You can define workflows as to how an order is released and processed.

Employees need easy-to-use systems with which they can record and document their performance and those of external companies.

With this cost transparency, the savings potential becomes tangible. Operating costs can thus be optimized and reduced in a targeted manner.


Assets - Activities - Agreements

With the asset management a3m of the OIM, orders can be created, processed and completed in the simplest way according to user or user groups. For this purpose, different types of work orders are available which simplify the operation of an infrastructure and create transparency.

Budgeted costs as well as in-house and external services as well as supplementary documents can be assigned to the orders.

Workflow 1 - Generate order from alarm

An order can be created directly from an alarm and assigned to an employee or a team.

Workflow 2 - spontaneous order

To carry out an unplanned repair or maintenance on an infrastructure object or production facilities, a spontaneous order can be created.

Workflow 3 - Planned maintenance order

Maintenance orders are regularly created automatically for planned maintenance on infrastructure objects or production plants.

Workflow 4 - Standing order

With a standing order as a kind of container, services to be provided regularly on infrastructure objects or production plants can be recorded.

ASSET - MANAGEMENT    Dashboards

Assets - Activities - Agreements

On a dashboard view, the orders are displayed in the various categories according to user or user groups. In this view, the orders can also be processed, external and own costs can be entered on the order, tasks can be processed and the financial development of the order can be observed.

The dashboard views can be created in the integrated editor and adapted to individual needs.


Assets - Activities - Agreements

A scheduler view provides an overview of all scheduled work orders.

ASSET - MANAGEMENT  Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Assets - Activities - Agreements

- Efficient operation of infrastructures

- Added value through information such as
   - localization via 3D model
   - technical information
   - maintenance information
   - etc.