The professional energy management solution that shows you the savings potential in your properties, industrial plants or plants relentlessly.

With e3m you can collect energy data, optimize energy consumption and save energy costs.

With large amounts of data, finding malfunctions is time-consuming. With the automated finding of anomalies, you are informed of existing deviations.

In order to support you in the collection of external data, functions for importing external data as well as the mobile app with an extensive range of functions help you.


- Collect energy data

- Display energy data in a receiver-friendly manner

- Analyze energy data

- Optimize and control energy consumption


- The quick management overview with KPI reports

- Analysis reports for specialist departments 

- Condition reports for maintenance

- Progress reports for publications

Visualization and control systems

- Time savings thanks to efficient overview with "zoom in"

- Multi-location thanks to database-based guidance systems

- Variety of symbols with existing and own Smart Widgets

- Simple and fast configuration

- Efficient project planning with existing circuit diagrams

- No development environment required

Anomaly detection

- Time and cost savings through automated data analysis

- Finding irregularities from large amounts of data

- Quickly find important information

- Tabular representation of anomalies found

- Prioritization of anomalies due to weighting

- Detailed views of found anomalies for analysis

Node-RED, a modular system for the Internet of Things (IoT)

- Efficient implementation of use cases in the field of IoT

- High abstraction of different technologies thanks to graphical
  project planning

- Large selection of supplied modules

- Function module extensions with JavaScript